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Earth Community Research has the vision of sharing information and ideas that illumine the multi-dimensional realities of Earth life for common understanding. It wants to reflect on how the various aspects of life and views can be seen in alignment with the harmony of the universe and the divine will.  Peace, respect for all life forms, justice and caring for others are what Earth Community Research perceives is needed. Our vision is of a world where integral thinking guides our society and is leading to a truly golden age.



Earth Community ResearchTM ( was founded on June 23, 2008, with its mission to promote education often lacking in mainstream schools and universities: ancient and sacred knowledge passed down through writings during the past millennia, as well as findings of new research and statements of new ideas. Earth Community ResearchTM promotes such education through original and reprinted eBooks, eArticles, Discussions and other sources of information, such as audios and videos. The mission of Earth Community ResearchTM is to bring to light knowledge that is helpful to change-agents, as well as to edify visitors to our website. Our standard is to serve all viewers responsibly and with integrity.  Articles, books, and other items can be bought through our website. 


The Power Behind the Mission

It is the venture of Earth Community ResearchTM to serve all visitors to this site responsibly through information in eArticles, eBooks and other items, which can be bought through this website or found here. 


Invitation to Participate

Earth Community ResearchTM invites you to send in your point of view for publications by choice of the President/Editor. By sending in your contributions via the Think Tank of Earth Community ResearchTM with your email address or via email, you agree that your submitted material can be published if selected, with your given name, possibly after being edited.




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